Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in La Canada-Flintridge

Finding solutions for a broken garbage disposal is easy when you have the pros at your side. Many people underestimate the value in hiring a professional plumber to help them with garbage disposal installation and to make minor repairs. Living with an inoperable disposal because you don’t have the money to fix it can be a thing of the past when you call My La Canada-Flintridge Plumber Hero. We have the best team of independent contractors in town with decades of combined experience and repair solutions for all budgets.

Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair?

If your garbage disposal is not working like it should, then obviously something is wrong. Many times the problem can be directly connected to a jammed propeller or a motor that is tired and has turned itself off. When these things happen, we usually advise our customers to try to restart the motor by pressing the reset button on the bottom or side of the motor.

Does your disposal turn on, but the propeller won’t turn? Most likely there is something blocking the blades, preventing them from moving forward. Turn off the power to the disposal and take a peek inside using a flashlight. Most obstructions can be seen right away. Using a tool like a wooden spoon, try to wiggle the obstruction away from the blade. If the object won’t budge, you’ll likely need professional plumbing service.

We generally advise our customers to give us a call if these two options don’t work. The cause of the problem may still be something minor, but it may take extra tools and taking apart the appliance to find out exactly what is going on. Homeowners without plumbing experience should not tackle this type of repair if they do not have the experience.

How Do I Know When I Need to Replace My Garbage Disposal?

One of the reasons that so many people live without a working garbage disposal is because they think that all problems result in a whole system replacement. This isn’t true at all. 90% of the time our plumbers can repair the problem without the added cost of replacing the unit.

So, what about the other 10%?

If your disposal is old, or the repair costs are more than what it would be to install a new unit, we will probably recommend replacing the appliance. In a situation like this, our plumbers will help you choose a new model that fits your kitchen sink perfectly and within you price range.

For more information about garbage disposal repair and replacement in La Canada-Flintridge, CA, give us a call right away! We are also available today to help you with other kitchen and bathroom services like toilet repair and new faucet installation.