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Stop leaks in their tracks with our unrivaled leak detection services in La Canada Flintridge. As the leading experts in electronic leak detection, we are known throughout the community for providing top-rated, professional services that get to the source of the problem quickly and for less money than other repair companies in town.

When you call My La Canada Flintridge Plumber Hero, we promise two things:

1.            To set you up with a certified, independent contractor in 60 minutes or less

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We know you expect the best and we are always ready to deliver! Slab leaks, pool leaks, problems with your water heater or hot tub, and even dripping faucets – whatever the problem may be you can count on us to find a solution.

What’s the Deal with Slab Leaks?

Ah, yes! These are the worst of the worst when it comes to water leaks. But, don’t despair or run away with your head in your hands. There is hope!

Slab leaks are below ground leaks that occur within the pipes below your foundation. These pipes carry the water into your home and the larger ones like your drain pipes and sewer line carry water away from your home. Sometimes these pipes weaken and break. The cause of slab leaks depends on a number of factors, but is usually associated with poor water quality, corrosion, improper installation, and age.

One a pipe bursts or water slowly trickles from a punctured pipe it is critical that repairs are made quickly to avoid major damage. That’s where our handy dandy contractors come into play.

We Find Hidden Leaks Using Electronic Leak Detection

Our superhero plumbers rely on innovative equipment to help them find the exact location of a leak beneath your concrete slab. Using this equipment, you’ll never have to worry about having large amounts of your slab broken up or jackhammered. You will also have a much lower repair bill.

Once we find the location of the leak, you can count on our licensed technicians to make repairs fast and guarantee the quality of their workmanship 100%.  Call today to find out why we are the preferred providers for leak detection service in La Canada Flintridge, California.